How Social Distancing Increased the use of Social Media

Never knew 2020 would be so impactful in our lives. Everyone’s plans had to take diversions due to the pandemic. But one thing is for sure, we humans never give up. Since physical sales weren’t possible due to the imposed lockdown, businesses shifted to creating and expanding their brand online. 

Here’s a look at the changes that took place after the pandemic hit hard:

  1. There was no option other than going online.

Rather than sitting idle, businesses preferred shifting to online modes as it required little investment but it looked promising to get results if the concept stuck out in the crowd.

  1. Huge Consumption in Video Content

The pandemic surely made sites like YouTube, Netflix & Amazon Prime gain a fortune. Almost everyone was online during the pandemic and consumed online content (videos in particular) to kill time at home. 

  1. Existing Brands emerged to the top

The finest example for this is Zoom. Zoom launched itself in the year 2011, but only gained popularity in 2020. Gone are those days when Skype was given importance. Zoom gained popularity since it fulfilled the needs of easy video calling and additional features which it’s competitors failed to provide.

  1. Surge on Gaming

It is indeed a pity that PubG had to be banned during the pandemic, when it saw the highest consumption ever. Almost every youth preferred gaming as the source to kill time apart from binge watching movies/series. 

  1. Shopping through E - Commerce

In countries like India, the unlock phase began in March and along with it, e-commerce also saw its surge as people did not prefer going out to buy necessities. 

How would it be after the pandemic ends?

There are 2 probabilities to how things would be after the pandemic ends. The surge for digital will surely continue, but we believe that people will also start going out more compared to previous times. 

  1. Increase in Tourism

This pandemic has made us appreciate the little things in life which we ignored. After being indoors for months, we assume families and friends would prefer taking a break and going out to rejuvenate themselves. 

  1. Opening of Physical Stores

Brands that have managed to make good business from online modes might consider opening physical stores to increase their sales. 

  1. Increase in Outdoor Shopping

Even though online shopping has seen a great increase, outdoor shopping will never see a dip unless another crisis emerges. People would appreciate a simple thing such as going to a mall and shopping. For some, it is also a therapy. 

  1. Consistency in Online Modes

Businesses would prefer online modes as it cuts costs on many factors. Virtual meetings, gatherings would still continue as it is an easier and cheaper way to connect.

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